The tuition for our conference is $139 for adults 18 and over.  


Youthful scribes (ages 12-17) may attend our conference for $90.  (Since this is already a reduced
rate, group discounts to not apply.)  


For any church or school sending five or more, a special price of $110 is available.  That’s over
20% off!  (Teens may be included to meet this total; however, they must pay the full teen rate.)  
For any high school sending five or more, an adult chaperon may attend as our guest.  If you're
sending a group, please send us an email ( with the names of all in your
party, so that we will know to bill them at the discounted rate.

Financial Assistance

If you need help paying your tuition, please let us know. We have a limited number of full or
partial scholarships available.


We live in the real world, just like you do.  Life can be unpredictable; plans change, kids get sick,
cars break down, emergencies arise at the last minute.  Yeah, we've been there.   And at the
same time, we run this conference on a very tight budget.  For this reason, we cannot give
refunds any later than April 4, 2011.  

 The registration form will be posted in January 2012.
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