Apart from the workshops and the general sessions, there are many other ways that our conference can help to
advance your writing career:

Personal appointments

    Our instructors will be available for private 15-minute consultations, on request.  They might
    be able to critique your writing, or offer general advice about the publishing business.  Just be
    sure to sign up for an appointment when you arrive.  

Logos Bible Software

    For anyone who writes for the nonfiction market, you probably spend a great deal of time in
    research.  Logos Bible Software will save you time, because it cross-references Bible passages
    with a vast library of books on history, theology, and Bible study.  A Logos representative will
    be on hand to demonstrate their products and answer all of your questions.

Faculty Panel

After the four workshop sessions have ended, there's a good chance that you will still have many unanswered
questions.  So at the end of the evening on Saturday, you will have the perfect opportunity to get them out of your
system:  We will present a Q & A session with all of our faculty, where you can ask them anything.  If they don't know
the answer, it probably doesn't exist!


    By the time that you leave our conference, we hope you’ll be inspired to tackle your writing projects
    as never before.  You might want to start that rewrite, call that editor, or join a writers group.  But
    perhaps you'll need some additional help to get there.  So why wait?  

By special arrangement with a local retailer, will have a book table stocked with books about publishing, writing,
grammar -- anything else that might be beneficial to a writer who needs help to polish and market that manuscript.  

In addition, our panelists will offer their books for sale.  We don't pay them much, so please support them all you can.

Free Wireless Internet

    There are true geeks among us.  Yes, you know who you are.  Your PDA is permanently
    affixed to your hip, and your wireless headset is forever epoxied to your ear. Like our new
    president, you cant bear to unplug from your electronic gadgets for even a moment.  
    Therefore, as we strive to be all things to all people, this is for you:

Our entire building is one large Wi-Fi Hot Spot.  So, feel free to bring your laptop computer.  You can surf the Web,
check your email, or chat with friends.  We ask only that you mute the speakers during our sessions, so as not to
disturb your neighbors.
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