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    Terry Whalin understands both sides of the editorial desk, as an editor and a writer. He worked as
    a magazine editor, and his articles have appeared in more than 50 publications. A former book
    acquisitions editor for several publishers and a former literary agent, Terry now works as an editor
    for Morgan James Publishing. He will deliver our opening night keynote address, Success Leaves
    Traces: Terry has interviewed more than 150 bestselling authors and distilled some of their
    common traits. He will teach us their secrets, the eight characteristics of successful writers.

                       Where do I Start?  Many people have dreams and desires about getting into print but they have no
idea where to begin or how to create a plan. Learn the key steps along with seasoned advice for any writer. Whether
you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this workshop is certain to stir your imagination and plans in a fresh way long
after the conference.

Editors Read Proposals, Not Manuscripts. How do you write a book proposal? How do you determine which
publishers are interested in your project? As a former literary agent and a current acquisitions editor, Terry knows
exactly what he needs to secure a book contract for the writer—but often these proposals don’t include the critical
elements. Learn practical how-to information about proposal writing from the editor’s perspective.

    Sharon Norris Elliott is an award-winning author, speaker, Bible teacher, and editor-in-chief of a
    new magazine, Gospel Road. Her website offers a wide array of links where site visitors can get
    connected with all she has to offer. Sharon loves teaching at conferences and coaching writers. She
    and her husband, James, are enjoying their empty nest in Southern California. Sharon will inspire us
    with her keynote address on Saturday morning.

    Starting Strong and Maintaining Your Momentum: So you've waded in to this world of writing and
    you're wondering, "Hey, just what have I gotten myself into?" Everything seems to be important.
This workshop will help you to find out how to pull all this information together, organize the basics, prioritize your
time, get moving, and keep your momentum going.                                      

From God Through You: You study your Bible daily and you hear wonderful gems and learn insightful lessons from
the Lord. It would be great to share these finds with your audiences. This workshop will teach you how to develop
the types of studies and present the types of outlines that will communicate God's truths to your audiences in a
memorable way.

    Kathy Ide is a published author of books, articles, play and movie scripts, short stories,
    devotionals, and curriculum. She is a full-time freelance editor/mentor for new writers, established
    authors, and book publishers. She is the founder and coordinator of a group for editorial freelancers;
    The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network (www.TheChristianPEN.com). Kathy will
    challenge us with her Saturday morning keynote, Why Write? Fame and Fortune or Grace and Glory?
    Polishing the PUGS: Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, and Spelling. You don't want an editor to look
    at your manuscript and think, "You know, this author has some good things to say, but she sure
doesn't know a comma from a semicolon."

Preparing for April 15: Tax Tips for Writers and Editors.

    John David Ware is the Director of the 168 Film Project. He has written feature length screenplays
    including MISSION FIELD, based on a true story of a missionary in Cameroon, and UNCLE FRANK, a
    comedic fantasy about a boy and his uncle's dog. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, John went to
    film school at Miami University and graduated with honors. He is a frequent conference speaker, and
    consultant for the production and post-production companies in Los Angeles.
    From Bestseller to Blockbuster - Literary Adaptation for the Screen; Books and films are two very
    different ways to tell a story.  What does a successful conversion look like from page to the screen.

    Athena Dean has spent 22 years bringing a high degree of credibility for self-published works.
    During this time she coached hundreds of authors through the daunting task of book production,
    publicity, advertising and promotion and excels in helping them successfully reach their market.
    Athena is Owner/Partner and Author Advocate with BookJolt, LLC—An author-centric technology
    driven publishing partner offering cutting-edge tools to help authors connect with their readers.

    Develop Your Platform: Seven Savvy Secrets to Building it Big. If you’ve been to many writers’
    conferences, you know that having no platform can kill any hopes of interest from a royalty
publisher. No matter how you get your book into print, these secrets will enable you to effectively develop or grow
your platform to the next level. Practical and insightful, Athena Dean will equip you with the tools you need to get
your message out to the masses.

The Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Self- Publishing. There are so many choices out there when it comes to self-
publishing, that it's getting harder to navigate the murky waters. Join Athena as she highlights the ten pitfalls to steer
clear of when taking the reins on the publishing process. After twenty years in ownership of the most well-known
Christian self-publisher, she brings us insider information on the most important questions to ask and special deals to

    Alton Gansky is a full time writer, conference director, and founder of Gansky Communications.
    He is the award winning author of over 40 books. Prior to turning to full time writing, he was the
    senior pastor to three Southern Baptist congregations. In addition to his writing, he speaks to
    writers groups and church organizations. Al will lead two workshops for us:

    A two-hour class, Beginnings, Middles, and Ends. How to write a novel from page 1 to "The End."
    Study the basics of the escalating plot; crafting scenes that matter; writing believable dialogue;
    crafting unforgettable character; elements of a page-turner; and more.

A one-hour class, Everything I wish I knew before I started. Wisdom from a writer's life: the good, the bad, and
everything in between.

    As an author, speaker, writer mentor, and life coach, Jan Kern is passionate about story—not only
    how to live it with hope and intentionality, but also how to write it with craft and finesse. She is the
    author of the Live Free series (Standard Publishing), launched in 2007 with Scars that Wound, Scars
    That Heal—a Journey Out of Self-Injury, a 2008 ECPA Gold Medallion finalist. In the series, she tells
    the true stories of teens and young adults who struggle with pain and brokenness. She knows about
    writers in transition as she heads in new directions with her writing. She serves alongside her
    husband Tom at a residential ministry for at-risk youth, and together they cherish family time with
    their married children and two grandbabies.

With these credentials in youth ministry, Jan will lead our program for teen writers. If you’re in high school and feel a
calling to write, join us. What must you do to succeed in the world of publishing? No matter what it is that you write,
you’ll find tools to unchain that creative genius inside you. Of course we will discuss the technical aspects of writing,
and the business side of publishing; but also, very importantly, we want to serve God with our words.

In addition, Jan will serve as facilitator for our evening critique group for nonfiction writers.

    B.J. Taylor is an award-winning author with publication credits in John Gray’s Mars and Venus in
    Love, 25 stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul books, feature articles in Writer’s Digest, Romantic
    Homes, and Victorian Homes, and Guideposts. B.J. writes dog-lit (beach reads for dog lovers) and
    will soon release her newest work, Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me about
    Life, Love, and Second Chances. B.J. lives in Southern California with her husband and the scrappy
    Charlie Bear. She will host two workshops:

                       Speed Bumps Ahead! Dealing with Realities of the Writing Life. How to handle rejection, lack of
income, and writer’s block. Rise above the lack of support from family or friends. Keep your eyes on what is really
important. Think your way to publication. Living, and loving, the writer’s life.

Make $$$ Selling Articles/Stories. Want to know the formula for writing articles and stories that sell? Don’t miss this
class with B.J. Her career includes selling four articles to Writer’s Digest, more than a dozen to Guideposts and Angels
on Earth, and 40 stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul. She’ll share her secrets so YOU can start making money in
your writing career.

    Paul Levine has practiced entertainment law for over 30 years. In 1998, He opened the Paul S.
    Levine Literary Agency, specializing in the representation of book authors and the sale of motion
    picture and television rights. Mr. Levine has sold over 150 adult, young adult, and children’s fiction
    and non-fiction books to at least 50 different publishers and has had many books developed as
    movies-for-television and feature films. Paul will present two workshops for us:
           What can an agent do for you? Not everyone needs an agent, but are you really prepared to go it
alone in the publishing world? Maybe you won't have to.

The Legal and Business Aspects of Writing. The nuts and bolts of the business of writing are as essential to your
success as the work itself. Learn principles of copyright law, and why you might benefit from hiring an agent or
attorney.  What must you know about publishing contracts, royalties, advances, promotion, and publicity? Bring all
your questions -- they will all be answered.

    Sheryl Ann Crawford is the author of ten books for children, including eight published by
    Scholastic. Sheryl has consistently written children's stories, poems, and rebuses for Focus on the
    Family/Clubhouse Jr. Magazine since 1993. She has two picture books with FaithKidz (Cook), and is
    published with Standard, Word, Harcourt/Trophies, Highlights, BabyBug, kidmagwriter  e-zine,
    Discovery Years (FOF), and The Institute for Children's Literature.  Sheryl's story Kitten's Climb is
    part of a reading comprehension booklet (Harcourt/Trophies) used in elementary schools
    throughout the US. She loves to encourage new children's writers in their publishing endeavors!         
    In her "spare" time Sheryl is a volunteer registered nurse for the American Red Cross Disaster
    Team. She lives in Santa Clarita,CA and is married to Bob. They have two grown sons, two
granddaughters, and three rescued dog "children" who wear them out. See Sheryl's books here.

Sherry will teach the subject she knows best: Writing for children.

    Terry Burns is an agent with Hartline Literary, as well as an author of inspirational fiction. As a
    writer he has over 40 books in print including 10 novels. He has a new book, A Writer’s Survival
    Guide to Publication (Port Yonder Press). It was developed out of the month-long course he held for
    ACFW. He's a popular speaker at writers' conferences across the country. Terry will host two

    Writing to Reach the Unbeliever. Jesus used fiction to teach some of his most important lessons;
    they were called parables. Terry talks about using fiction to spread God's word, but there’s a
difference between writing for the Christian market and writing in hopes of reaching unbelievers. People may say
they are writing a “crossover” book, but generally it will end up in that no-man’s-land with too much faith content for
the mainstream market and not enough to interest the Christian market.

Editor and Agent Pet Peeves. Are there things that can rub an editor or an agent the wrong way and affect the
success of a submission? You bet there are, and Terry has collected a number of them in a program designed to help
you avoid some of the pitfalls that you won't see coming.

In addition, Terry will serve as facilitator for our evening critique group for fiction writers.

    Susan Titus Osborn is the director of the Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service
    where she heads a staff of 18 editors. She has authored 30 books and represents New Hope
    Publishers at conferences. Susan is a member of the CLASSeminars staff. Her past positions include
    magazine editor and adjunct professor at four Christian colleges. She has spoken extensively across
    the U.S. at over 150 writers’ conferences and in eight foreign countries. She lives in Fullerton, CA,
    with her husband, Dick. They have five grown children, 12 grandkids, and three great-grandsons.
    Susan will lead two workshops for us:

Twenty-eight pitfalls to avoid. When journeying through the first draft of your manuscript, watch out for these
hazards. Writers must be able to separate themselves from their work to effectively edit their manuscripts. An article
that appears to flow onto paper has probably entered many rewrite sessions. By knowing what to look for, you can
make your writing stronger, clearer, and alive.
Writing Nonfiction Books. In this two-session class, learn how to structure your nonfiction book; learn focus, fiction
techniques, editing, and fine-tuning. Rights and copyright law, contract negotiations, income tax, and marketing the
finished product will also be covered.                   

    Kim Bangs has 22 years of publishing experience. She is the Manager for Author Relations and
    Contracts for Regal Books, as well as a member of the acquisitions team. She has had the privilege
    to work with Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Jim Burns, Gloria Gaither, Craig Johnson, Josh McDowell,
    Gary Smalley, Karen O’Connor, and the First Place 4 Health team and many others. Kim enjoys
    working with nonfiction authors to provide resources that touch hearts and change lives and open
    conversation with others.

    From Idea to Print. As one begins to step into the publishing world many new and sometimes
confusing encounters can happen along the way. A journey though the publishing process from introduction of
author and idea to the finished product. The more knowledge you have about the inner workings will help the
process flow better and will help you avoid unnecessary frustration.

The Gift and Ministry of Writing. Words are powerful! We are told by the wisest man who ever lived, “Death and life
are in the power of the tongue.” Our words shared through the amazing passion of writing are not just for
publication. Rediscover the joy of the gift of writing and uncover the many ways writing is and should be a ministry.
Then develop a plan to put that ministry into action.  

    Steven Hutson is a literary agent with WordWise Media Services. He represents a wide range of
    fiction and nonfiction books for adults and children, having placed his award-winning clients with
    publishers such as Dutton, Thomas Nelson, OakTara, Potomac Books, NavPress, and Pelican Book  
    Group. Between book projects Steve directs this conference, writes a blog about politics and religion,
    and serves on the Board of Trustees for his local public library.

    Tough Love for Writers. Are you tired of getting rejected by agents and publishers? Identify the
    most common mistakes, and how to avoid them. Bring your teachable spirit and thick skin. Hint: It
    often has nothing to do with the quality of your manuscript.
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