Perhaps the greatest value of any writers' conference, is that you can pitch your story ideas directly to people who can
help you get published.  At this year's conference, these publishers and agencies will be represented:


Screenplay Workshop

    Our screenplay workshop will be presented by John David Ware, founder of The 168 Hour Film
    Project. It's a training ground for filmmakers, reducing barriers to production and creating
    opportunities for pros and newcomers alike.  Teams are made up of people with diverse
    backgrounds, who learn to forge dynamic, creative communities. Truth, solid stories and high
production value speak loudly to this generation and the next.


“Gangster Nerd” Tony Cosby, a native of Beverly Hills, began doing stand-up comedy in 2009 at the
Coffee Gallery in Pasadena. Paying his dues and refining his skills, he eventually scored gigs at the Ice
House in Pasadena and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Tony’s squeaky-clean act will leave you
wanting more.  

More Free Time and Activities  NEW!

You asked for it, you got it! A professional conference like ours can be overwhelming and stressful, if it's packed with
non-stop lessons and meetings. For this reason, we have built more free time into the schedule. You can sneak in some
writing, participate in organized sports and activities, or just relax in the lounge.

  • Archery lessons                                          
  • After-dark stargazing with Lee Bush

    Personal appointments

    Our instructors will be available for private 15-minute consultations, on request. They might be able to
    critique your writing, or consider it for publication, or offer general advice about the publishing
    business. We will ask you to name your four top choices when you register, and you'll be guaranteed at
    least two. More appointments can be scheduled when you arrive.

Professional Critiques

Are you ready for a challenge?  Do you want to know how an agent or publisher might view
your work? Our critique service is your opportunity to find out. As a special incentive, you can
receive one FREE critique by a member of our faculty. Additional services available for an extra
fee. See
here for details.

Critique Groups NEW!

Whatever it is that you write -- Fiction, Nonfiction, or Screenplay -- we will have a special time for you to receive a
brutal detailed evaluation of your work. Each group will be led by a member of our faculty who knows the field well. In
return, you can offer feedback to the others. Come prepared with a thick skin and a gentle spirit. Just bring six copies of
something you've written, up to ten double-spaced pages. These classes will meet twice, in the evenings, and are limited
to five students each.

Note: Bring a laptop computer and a flash drive. You might be asked to do a rewrite between sessions, so be sure to
set aside time to do so. We will supply a printer and paper. Be sure to indicate your interest when you register.

    Workshop CD's NEW!

    After years of trying, we've finally found a vendor to record our sessions for us. You can take home any
    workshop you like, on a CD. Or they can download your recordings onto your flash drive or MP3
    player, or send to you by e-mail.

Faculty Panel

At the end of the day on Saturday, we will present a Q & A session with all of our faculty. You can ask them everything
you've always wanted to know about writing and publishing.  If they don't know the answer, it probably doesn't exist!


By special arrangement with a local retailer, will have a book table stocked with books about publishing,
writing, grammar -- anything else that might be beneficial to a writer who needs help to polish and
market that manuscript. In addition, our panelists will offer their books for sale.  We don't pay them
much, so please support them all you can.

    Free Wireless Internet

    Most of the buildings on the grounds are equipped with wireless Internet service.  So, feel free to bring
    your laptop computer or other wi fi-enabled gadget.  You can surf the Web, check your email, or chat
    with friends.  

Computer/Cellphone Protocol

We hate to say it, but sometimes it needs to be said: Please be courteous and selective in the use of electronic gizmos.
You and your fellow conferees paid good money to attend this conference; we ask that you participate in the fellowship,
and not sit in a corner texting someone back home during our sessions. (You might be surprised at how common this
is.) Mute all speakers and ringers, so as not to disturb your neighbors. If you receive an important phone call, please  
take it outside. Our staff will continually monitor the auditorium and classrooms for this purpose.

Of course, if you use a laptop or tablet for taking notes, that's perfectly fine with us.
Antelope Valley
Christian Writers

    October 10 - 12, 2013 Lake Hughes, CA
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