Are you ready for a challenge?  Do you want to know how a publisher might view your work?  Our critique service
is your opportunity to find out.  And as a special incentive, each student can receive one FREE critique by a member
of our faculty.

No doubt, attending a conference is a great way to advance your writing career.  And books can
teach you a great deal about grammar and style.  But how about
your story, in particular?  How
does it measure up?  Several of our faculty members have agreed to provide critiques for our
conferees.  This professional review, a “big-picture” evaluation, can provide you with a valuable
analysis of your manuscript and writing skills.

Or suppose you'd like to have a second opinion, or an evaluation of another ten pages, or a completely different
manuscript.  Additional critiques are available at the special rate of $30.00 each.  

Interested?  Print your manuscript(s), up to 10 pages each, double-spaced, on 8.5 x 11” white bond paper.  Make
sure that your name appears in the header on every page.  Use 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch
margins on all sides.  When you're done, place it
unfolded into a 9 x 11.5” envelope.  Enclose a check for your
registration fee (plus any applicable critique fees), payable to
City Boy Enterprises. Mail it to:

    Antelope Valley Christian Writers' Conference
    Attn: Critiques
    5022 Avenue N, Suite 102-128
    Palmdale, CA 93551

    Or in the alternative, you may send by email attachment.  Use the same formatting as for paper
    submissions, above.  (MS Word files with .doc extension only, please.)  Email to crit@avwriters.
    com. At that time we will send you an invoice for your registration fee (plus any applicable critique
    fees), which will enable you to make your remittance through Pay Pal.

By either method, all submissions must be received no later than
April 14, 2010.  Your manuscript will then be
to a faculty member who handles your genre, and returned to you at the conference.

Critiques, Plan B

If you don't have your manuscript ready in time for pre-submission, all is not lost.  Our panelists will be available for
private 15-minute appointments, to take a quick look at your writing and offer their evaluations.  In some cases, by
mutual agreement, our speakers can make themselves available for ongoing critiques and mentoring after the
Note: They are independent contractors, not employees of our organization, and they set their own
policies and fees.

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