From the earliest of times, God has called upon his people to write down a message for the
    benefit of future generations.  Some brought words of warning or rebuke, while others conveyed
    encouragement or comfort.  In every age and nation, including our own, faithful believers have
    come forward to answer that call.  Is this you?

    The Antelope Valley Christian Writers’ Conference is now in its eighth year.  Our instructors are
    among the finest and most experienced in the business.  Clearly the Lord has blessed our efforts,
    and we feel confident that he will continue to do so in the future.

    Whether you’re an absolute beginner – a seasoned professional – or somewhere
in-between, this may be for you.  If  you enjoy writing, and you’d like to sharpen your skills and learn
how the publishing business works, you are welcome to attend.

As we know, God gives different gifts to different people.  For some, they feel called to preach.  For others,
they travel far and wide as missionaries.  Some serve God with music, others with gifts of bookkeeping or teaching or
administration.  We may have different roles, but we all share the same mission to serve God and his people.

                                                   True and Faithful  

What is it that inspires you to write?  Is it history, or romance, or theology, or mystery?  Do you enjoy writing sci-fi, or
fantasy?  Or perhaps you feel moved to write the proverbial Great American Novel.  Please don’t be misled by the name
of our conference: We are believers who write, but most of us don’t write about religious themes.

Clearly, we writers are a unique breed.  We have a passion to take a simple narrative and build it into a finished product
that will inspire others.  For some it may be a lucrative full-time career. For others, it's a rewarding pastime.  But
wherever you come from - and wherever you want to go - we are all motivated by the simple joy of telling a story.

  • Think you've got what it takes? Enter contests with cash prizes.

  • Want to do a good deed? Help us help writers!

    You will have the opportunity to interact with editors, agents, and writers of every skill level
    who share your calling – your zeal – and perhaps your frustrations as well. You can trade
    ideas, share experiences, and support one another in prayer. Together, we can help you take
    your writing to the next level, the best it can be.

    We hope you'll join us for a time of refreshing in the desert.

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Antelope Valley
Christian Writers

    October 10 - 12, 2013 Lake Hughes, CA